• When ordering rooms by phone, internet or e-mail, guests must provide the villa administrator with their contact details, and upon arrival – an identity document.
  • When booking places through the tour operator,, as well as when purchasing a travel ticket, service packages or receiving a coupon from Gera dovana, Makalius, etc., you do not need to pay the reservation fee. Guests pay for additional services at the villa’s reception upon check-out.
  • According to the regulations of the villa, guest arrival is from 14:00, departure is until 12:00. A special time agreement is possible.
  • Reservations are made upon payment of 30% to 50% of the total service amount. In case of no-show, the advance payment is non-refundable.
  • When reserving places, guests specify the exact number of people, which can only be changed after coordination with the villa administrator.


Guests can use it for free

  • rented premises and material values located there,
  • tennis courts, rackets and balls,
  • paddle boarding (supairs),
  • trampoline, children’s playground and sports equipment,
  • beach chairs, hammocks, swings,
  • can swim in the pond, in the designated swimming pools,
  • can swim in boats with no more than two people, with water bikes with no more than four people, only wearing life jackets.


Guests who have paid an additional fee (unless otherwise agreed) can

  • to fish in the pond ‒ only after notifying the homestead administrator and paying for a fishing permit,
    other services.


Guests must

  • after arriving at the villa together with the administrator to inspect and accept the rented premises and material values,
  • read the rules of homestead internal order, safe behavior, and fire safety and follow them,
  • take the keys of the rented premises from the villa administrator, keep them, and give them to the administrator when leaving; in case of lost keys, it is necessary to notify the administrator.



  • smoking in all rooms and room balconies; it is possible to smoke outdoors in designated areas, throw smoke only in designated containers,
  • use fireworks and other pyrotechnics in the territory of the homestead,
  • lighting fireplaces in the villa without the permission of the administrator,
  • making noise outside, listening to loud music after 11 p.m.,
  • to carry or move homestead inventory to other places without the permission of the administrator,
  • fishing without administrator permission,
  • allow children to swim without adult supervision, go boating without life jackets,
  • enter the enclosures of wild animals and feed them without the administrator’s permission.


  • The villa administrator undertakes to familiarize the guests with the rules of fire prevention and safe behavior.
  • Parents or other guardians must ensure the safety of their children.
  • Any damage caused to “Baron’s Villa” shall be compensated by the guests in accordance with the procedure provided by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Losses caused by minor children must be compensated by their parents or guardians.
  • The owner of the homestead is not responsible for injuries suffered by the client or his children or damage to their property due to their own fault in violation of the conditions of safe behavior and recreation.
  • The guests themselves are responsible for accidents that occurred inside the premises, in the stairwell, while walking on forest paths, in the yard, on children’s play or sports grounds, in the sauna, while swimming in the pond or while sailing on a water bike or boat.
  • Guests themselves are responsible for accidents due to alcohol consumption.
  • Each guest is responsible for the quality and freshness of the food they bring.


Fire prevention and safety rules

  • It is necessary to use electrical devices in an orderly manner, do not allow children to connect them.
  • Smoking can only be done outdoors in designated areas, smoke can be thrown only in designated containers.
  • In the territory of the villa, you can make a fire only in the equipped fireplace or barbecue, no closer than 3 m away from buildings and trees. It is forbidden to leave an unextinguished fire unattended.
  • Without the knowledge of the administration, without listening to the briefing, it is forbidden to light the fireplace. Do not leave children unattended near it.
  • Firewood should only be stored in designated areas, away from open flames.
  • No fire of any kind is permitted in the forest.
  • Children can only swim, go boating, and fish together with adults.
  • You can only jump on the trampoline one at a time, the maximum load is 120 kg.
  • Sports equipment can only be used for its intended purpose.

The administrator, after assessing the circumstances, may warn or impose monetary fines on guests who do not comply with the rules of internal order, behavior and fire safety established in the homestead.