For your relaxation in a harmony with the nature


Barono vila appears like small Scandinavia. It's a unique place for people who are looking for rest for mind, body and soul. Here, surrounded by nature, we create a Nordic lifestyle, Scandinavian style and high quality service for all our guests' needs. The architecture matches nature - big lake, calming woods, green meadows where you can see deers and Gotland’s sheep graze peacefully.

Scandinavian style delivers minimalism & silence luxury. All details are arranged in an orderly, consistent manner, combined into a common whole. The interior is about natural wood, light colours and functional forms.

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We are proud to offer a unique yet different private SPA - a hot sauna with an amazing panoramic view of the lake, a relaxing "Starry Sky" steam room, jacuzzi, cosy lounge area with bathrobes and slippers, comfy chairs and outdoor terrace. It will definitely be a wonderful experience while enjoying the forest, lake and sunset while sipping eco pine tea. Our customers will agree that time just stops here…

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The newly renovated main house - the “Grand Villa” welcomes our guests as an oasis of relaxation for people who are seeking comfort, privacy and connection with nature. Also we are offering three modern Scandinavian-style private “Small Villas” with terraces. Separate houses are located nearby on the shore of the pond. Mini villas are ideal choices for 1-2 families or small groups.

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Wedding day is a lifetime celebration. It’s a mix of challenge and pleasure. Our experience with organising weddings is more than 10 years. We will share our knowledge, inspiration and will help you to complete your wonderful day as you imagine it. We are sure that this special moment will remain in your memory as the most beautiful day of your life.

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Forest bathing(shinrin-yoku)

Together with the Forest Therapy Institute and it’s director Mila Monk, based on the research and practical methods of the Japanese scientist Qing Li, we implemented the Forest Bathing Project for the first time in Lithuania.

Forest bathing is a relaxing, awareness-raising and devotional shinrin-yoku therapy which is originally born in Japan. It is a scientifically based healing methodology and, at the same time, an art of how to let the forest into your sense of the five senses and establish a connection with the environment, others and yourself.

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