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Miško maudynės (Shinrin-yoku)

A great idea was born and implemented during the pandemic! Baron's Villa, together with the Forest Therapy Institute and its director Mila Monk, implemented the first Forest Bathing project in Lithuania, based on the research and practical methods of the Japanese scientist Qing Li.

Forest bathing is a therapy born in Japan, shinrin-yoku, that awakens the senses, awareness, and relaxation. It is a scientifically based wellness methodology and at the same time an art of how to let the forest into your body through the five senses and establish a connection with the environment, others and yourself. It is a preventive sensory practice that can be done independently or with a forest bathing guide using certain exercises-invitations.

In the Baron's villa, the forest bathing session is conducted virtually by Mila Monk - the first certified forest bathing guide in Lithuania, who completed the training of the international Forest Therapy Institute, the official representative of the Forest Therapy Institute in Lithuania, training manager and mentor. Mila Monk together with her colleague Rasa Monkevičiene translated Qing Li's book "Miško maudynės" into Lithuanian.

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Science has studied and proven that the forest, the whole nature has healing powers. And the connection of Lithuanians with nature and the forest is unique, so even for a modern Lithuanian it is important to be in nature, to return to nature. It is our subconscious connection with our ancestors, history, ourselves. Modern parents really want to pass that feeling on to their children, so that the connection with nature remains, so that we don’t forget who we are.

What helps you connect with nature? Communication, attention, knowledge. Emotional connection with nature helps to feel meaning in life. A sense of meaning comes from being connected to something bigger than yourself. Realizing that nature is a harmonious system, and I am a part of it, helps to disconnect from the flow of thoughts, activate body sensations and deeply relax, reduce stress, feel pleasure and joy. During the forest bathing session, the body’s ability to recover and heal is activated.

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