FOREST SPA is a private sauna and massage bath spaces (hereinafter FOREST SPA) – internal rules (hereinafter – Rules) are mandatory for all guests of “Barono vila”, FOREST SPA, regardless of their age. When going to the FOREST SPA, the guest must carefully familiarise with these Rules and follow them. The visitor is responsible for the consequences of not knowing or not following these Rules. For violation of the Rules, the guest may be subject to contractual liability.

  • FOREST SPA working hours: 12:00 – 10:00 p.m.
  • FOREST SPA is closed on Mondays
  • Visitors with children up to 12 years old are admitted until 8 p.m.
  • Individual time at FOREST SPA can be reserved at the reception in advance.

Before visiting the FOREST SPA area, pay for the services at the reception.
Outdoor clothes and shoes should be left in the wardrobe by the entrance, and other clothes should be locked in the wardrobes in the changing rooms (men’s or women’s changing rooms). The hotel is not responsible for items left in lockers.

  • Take a shower before and after visiting the pool, sauna or massage bath.
  • Wear swimwear.
  • Wear slippers suitable for wet rooms.
  • Before going to any sauna, familiarise yourself with the rules for using saunas.
  • In the sauna, spread a towel under the whole body on the beds.
  • Hang robes and towels in their designated place – on hangers.
  • When leaving the saunas and massage bath area, leave the used robes and towels in the boxes in the changing rooms.
  • For a damaged or lost towel or bathrobe, the guest must pay a fine of €25.
  • Underage guests are admitted to the FOREST SPA only if they are accompanied by an adult supervising them.
  • The staff is not responsible for children left unattended.
  • During the summer season, after returning to FOREST SPA from the outdoor terrace or the beach, wash your feet thoroughly and wear clean shoes.
  • A guest with a disability who needs the care of another person due to his health condition may visit the FOREST SPA only if he is accompanied by an adult person who cares for him.
  • If you experience health problems, immediately contact an employee of FOREST SPA.
  • In the event of a fire, immediately leave the premises of the sauna and massage bath area, following the instructions of the FOREST SPA employee.


  • It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and to visit persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances at FOREST SPA. Guests who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances are entitled to be asked out of FOREST SPA by the staff.
  • bring and use personal cosmetics and hygiene products to saunas and massage baths (e.g.: shaving, depilation products, use masks, scrubs);
  • use your own infusions, extracts and vats in saunas (50 EUR fine);
  • carry chairs, sunbeds, tables around the FOREST SPA area;
  • bring your own drinks and food (50 EUR fine);
  • spit on the floor and in the water (50 EUR fine);
  • pour various liquids into the water, put dirty things (100 EUR fine);
  • smoking in FOREST SPA premises and on the terrace (50 EUR fine);
  • bring glass containers and dishes to the saunas and to the massage bath (50 EUR fine);
  • jumping into the water from the edges of the massage bath, running, making noise, disturbing other visitors, ignoring the warnings of the FOREST SPA employee (50 EUR fine);
  • bring towels to the steam room;
  • for children under 3 years of age to bathe in a massage bath without special diapers intended for use in water;
  • littering or polluting the water, changing room and other FOREST SPA spaces (100 EUR fine);
  • visiting patients with infectious, viral or other contagious diseases, as well as persons with open wounds and/or other health disorders that may endanger the health and/or life of the person himself or other visitors;
  • visit with animals in the FOREST SPA premises;
  • ride with baby carriages to the FOREST SPA facilities;

FOREST SPA spaces are intended for relaxation and rest, so it is necessary to keep quiet and respect the rest of other visitors.
A guest who has caused damage to FOREST SPA – “Barono vila” property, guests’ property and their health shall be liable in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Damage caused by minors or persons with disabilities is the responsibility of their parents or guardians.
A guest who does not comply with the rules of internal order may be warned or required to leave the sauna and massage bath area immediately, and the guest may be fined and banned from visiting the FOREST SPA area forever.