A small steam sauna with big lounge and a shower for 8 persons is available on the basement floor of the Big Mansion. A well heated sauna and birch brooms will serve perfectly for those willing to relax, regain their strength and have a fun evening. Sauna purifies the body and the soul; it leaves no one indifferent it its effect.


Sauna (3 hrs) 60
Sauna (3 hrs) with a guest hall and fireplace 80
Hot tub (3 hrs) 70
Hot tub and sauna (3 hrs) 130
Sauna (3 hrs) 50
Sauna (3 hrs) with a guest hall and fireplace 70
Hot tub (3 hrs) 70
Hot tub and sauna (3 hrs) 120


Divine bathing experience for both, body and soul in an outdoor hot tub, which can be enjoyed both in winter and summer, alone as well as with family or good friends. The hot tub is Japanese invention of a bathhouse. The Japanese legend says that gods created the World while bathing in a hot tub. Now, bathing in hot wooden tubs has spread throughout the world, and is particularly popular in Scandinavian countries.

The hot tub just a perfect solution for those who find it to endure the heat of a Finnish sauna or heat and humidity of the Russian bath. On a hot summer, tub can be filled with cool water for refreshing effect. In winter time, bathing in a hot tub can become a special, and even a romantic attraction. Hot water relaxes tense muscles and eliminates fatigue. The temperature contrast and bathing in the snow will harden your health, invigorating you for more than one day.


  • Made of larch;
  • Can accommodate up to 8 people at a time,;
  • Water temperatures up to 45 degrees;
  • Solid wooden staircase;
  • Convenient track to bathing spot;
  • The hot tub area lighting in the evening;
  • Heating the hot tub for your desired time;
  • After each use, the tub is cleaned;
  • It can be rented together with the sauna or separately.



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