Catering for weddings (starters, main dish, cold dishes, soft and hot drinks, fruit, breakfast)* 50€
Baron’s pilaf cooked on an open fire, salad, soft and hot drink* 10€
Catering for a 2-day conference (2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, 4 coffee breaks with sweets, table water)* 50€
Breakfast* 5-7€
Lunch* 15€
Dinner * 20€
Dinner with appetizers and a dessert* 25€

*Prices are per person, subject to change, depending on the number of guests.


  • We provide catering for groups according to pre-arranged orders;
  • The regular menu and individual orders;
  • Catering for weddings, corporate events, receptions, banquets;
  • Exclusive dishes from lamb and venison reared on our homestead;
  • Baron’s pilaf cooked on an open fire; (For details, photo)
  • Vegetarian, healthy cooking;
  • Table setting and decorating as you prefer it;
  • Banquet services (waiters, administrator).


Baron’s pilaf is our speciality made from the homestead opening day. For pilaf we use the lamb of the sheep reared in our own farm. We produce Tajik version of Uzbek pilaf. Why? Good Uzbek friends living in Tajikistan have taught us the tricks of a good pilaf cooking. We cook this nourishing, flavour-rich dish in a heavy cast iron saucepan chazan on an open fire and, and offer our guests eating with hands or a spoon.

Pilaf preparation required at least two and a half hours. And while cooked, it’s spreading a wonderful aroma tickling all of the human senses. If you have enough patience, we promise you will be enjoying one of the most delicious dishes of Asian cuisine.



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